Bradford Schools Athletic Association
Annual Report 2018-2019
Our season began with the Sixty-Second Boys and Fifty-Fourth Girls Senior Cross Country 
Championships at Northcliffe Playing Fields on Wednesday 17 January. 
Conditions were quite pleasant and the event went very well : many thanks to the willing
 marshals from Bingley Harriers.
14 schools took part  and the results were as follows :
Team Individual
Yr7 Girls Bradford GS Martha Jackson (Bradford GS)
Yr7 Boys Ilkley GS James Sadler-Townsend (Parkside)
Jun Girls Bradford GS Rebecca Flaherty (Bradford GS)
Jun Boys Ilkley GS Sam Conroy (Beckfoot)
Int Girls No Team Grace Dawson (Bradford GS)
Int Boys Immanuel Eric Beaumont (UAK)
Sen Girls No Team Laura Knowles (Bingley GS)
Sen Boys No Team Charlie Spencer (Holy Family)
The West Yorkshire Schools Championships took place at GSAL on Saturday 2 February
We did not have a complete team in either the Inter Girls or the Senior Girls. The Y7 Boys were
4th, Junior Boys 3rd, and Inter Boys 2nd. The Y7 Girls, Junior Girls and Senior Boys all finished 1st. 
Leading positions were :
  SG 1. Bethan Morley (Ilkley GS)
2. Emily Field (Ilkley GS)
SB 2. Dominic Coy (Ilkley GS)
3. Cameron Reilly (Ilkley GS)
5. Reuben Mantle (Bingley GS)
IG 8. Grace Dawson (Bradford GS)
IB 3. Eric Beaumont (University Academy Keighley)
6. Fergus Knappy (Beckfoot Oakbank)
JG 1. Rebecca Flaherty (Bradford GS)
4. Amelie Lane (Bradford GS)
JB 1. Oliver Peace (Bradford GS)
2. Sam Conroy (Beckfoot)
Y7G 1. Martha Jackson (Bradford GS)
2. Phoebe Midgley (Bradford GS)
3. Helena Coy (Ilkley GS)
5. Lizzie Gibbins (Bradford GS)
Y7B 3. James Sadler-Townsend (Parkside)
4. Archie Budding (Ilkley GS)
These eighteen athletes, together with Alex Flaherty (Bradford GS) in the Inter Boys, 
were chosen to represent West Yorkshire, the Year Sevens at the National 
Championships at Prestwold Hall, Leicestershire, on Saturday 23 March, and the rest at the  
English Schools Championships at Temple Newsam Park, Leeds,  on Saturday 16 March. 
The results were as follows :
Y7G 8. Martha Jackson (Bradford GS)
22. Phoebe Midgley (Bradford GS)
34. Lizzie Gibbins (Bradford GS)
89. Helena Coy (Ilkley GS)
Y7B 106. James Sadler-Townsend (Parkside)
117. Archie Budding (Ilkley GS)
JG 42. Rebecca Flaherty (Bradford GS)
57. Amelie Lane (Bradford GS)
JB 88. Oliver Peace (Bradford GS)
180. Sam Conroy (Beckfoot)
IG 202. Grace Dawson (Bradford GS)
IB 92. Alex Flaherty (Bradford GS)
100. Eric Beaumont (UAK)
281. Fergus Knappy (Beckfoot Oakbank)
212. Robbie Matthews (Ilkley GS)
SG 44. Emily Field (Ilkley GS)
SB 32. Dominic Coy (Ilkley GS)
51. Reuben Mantle (Bingley GS)
111. Cameron Reilly (Ilkley GS)
For pupils in Years 5 and 6 there is now a National final which is held on the same date and at the same
venue as the Year 7 races. Teams representing Bradford were named after selection races were held at Cliffe Castle,
Keighley. Thanks are due to Andrew Sharples and the four other SGO's for organising this.
Those selected then represented Bradford at the West Yorkshire finals, held to find teams for the finals in
Leicestershire. In those National  finals the leading Bradford positions were :
Y6B 7. Archie Peaker
19. Alexander Wolfenden
39. Logan Walker
95. Louis Shackleton
Y6G 28. Katie Buckley
93. Mia Naylor 
133. Samantha Knowles
137. Alice O'Sullivan
Y5B 30. Charlie Robinson
60. Jake Norris
61. Charley Catchpole
86. Alex Sadler-Townsend
Yr5 G 97. Imogen Atkinson
 The Senior Schools Athletics Championships were held at UAK on 22 May.
There were no championship events for the year 7s as we had agreed to put on the Super 8s competition in conjunction
with our Junior events.
Selection for Seniors and Inters was once again by nomination only.
In the event the Junior competition was very good, with nine schools participating.
There was only one new CBP, 1.65m in the JB High Jump, by Brandon Sylom (Bradford Academy). 
A team of 73 athletes was selected to represent Bradford in the West Yorkshire Championships at Leeds
Beckett  University on June 8.
There were 6 firsts (18), 11 seconds (8), 11 thirds (10), 5 fourths (2), 2 fifths (7) and 5 sixths (7)
Bethan Morley (Ilkley) set a new CBP in the IG 800m
Three of our athletes were chosen to represent West Yorkshire in the English Schools
Championships at The Alexandra Stadium, Birmingham,  on July 13 and 14 :
Junior Boys 100m Morgan Corcoran Parkside who was 4th in his heat
Senior Girls 800m Bethan Morley Ilkley GS who was 4th in her heat
Senior Girls HJ Rhea Southcott Titus Salt who was 7= in the Final
As usual, I must say a big thank you to all those who have supported the Association in the course of
 the year, and in particular those who have actually helped out at one of our meetings.
Mr D Lawal has been our Chairman this year : our thanks to him, to Mrs A Lawal and to Mrs G Jones for all   
their help and ehthusiasm.
Our Honorary Treasurer, Honorary Scribe and Website Manager, Mr S Brock, once again took on the 
onerous task of organising our Athletics Championships, whilst keeping a firm grip on the Association's finances,     
and keeping our website informative and up-to-date.
Report given by the Honorary Secretary, Mr A.J.Kingham
at the Annual General Meeting